I Am Alive – Gameplay Demo (Xbox 360)

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Find out just how tense a survival game can be in this demo of I Am Alive. Follow I Am Alive at GameSpot.com! www.gamespot.com Official Site – iamalive-game.ubi.com Like – www.facebook.com Follow – www.twitter.com www.gamespot.com

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25 Responses to I Am Alive – Gameplay Demo (Xbox 360)

  1. tenaciousturtle24

    @legosrulekzl its actually called metro: last light and its the sequel to metro:2033. super fun. im in to the post- apocalyptic gameplay and the metro game is by far my favorite. does anyone have any suggestions of good games like that?


    IGN is full of shit when it comes to games that aren’t shooters or they consider the game bad if there isn’t “call of duty” any where in the title.

  3. Activeskies

    Another ubisoft parkour game?

  4. stenzelnoah

    nice vid

  5. stenzelnoah

    I liked infamous on the ps3. glad to see a similar game for Xbox.

  6. vorjay

    omg you’re just a hipster. It’s sooo popular so it must not be good.

  7. vorjay

    lol you’re such a douche! Popular: regarded with favor, approval, or affection by people in general: a popular preacher.
    Call of Duty is either hit or miss. CoD 4 was definitely a good game.

  8. MsKiller247Mash

    COD is gay

  9. Prophet0a

    Amazing game idea. The last of us beat them to it. Atleast a good take on it.

  10. Oussama Boussalem

    Thumbs up if anybody is alive here loool
    thumbs up if u dont that’s mean one thing : THAT YOU ARE DEAD !!!!! 0.0 xD

  11. mike50324

    Thats what he’s saying man, thats what he’s saying!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ORTmusic

    Hey Everybody! If you like Video Game Music come check out my new album ‘Encrypted’ which you can listen and download on my channel!

  13. roadkill1001

    never trust anything IGN or gamespot say about anything ever…even if they are correct it was by accident.

  14. kokingsclan

    god this looks boring

  15. ryanXD999999

    This looks kinda boring…everything looks so dull, and the gameplay kinda shows that there’s no good storyline in there..

  16. Evan Pott

    pause at 0:08 and luagh away

  17. odwa nxele

    its actually out of 10 you can see it in the review of it,and they said its “bad”

  18. dude991575

    4.5 out of 10 go check if you don’t believe.

  19. Alexia Trotter

    Hello xbox community!! I wanna show you this amazing Microsoft Point Generator!!!
    ==>> /watch?v=qhxd8GFeop8
    It working for me!! Thumbs up!!

  20. rubiks111

    The full game is fun

  21. Peterhb1234

    4.5 out of 10

  22. sherwood155

    IGN gives bad ratings anyway so your stupid to trust their scores.

  23. eucro

    Deserves more…I finished it a few days ago…brilliant game

  24. Neil Luczai

    well out of 10 really

  25. V2Nation101

    is that a guy or girl?

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